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Protected Cultivation Inputs

We are specialized in offering, supplying, exporting a wide range of Agricultural Products to our clients across the globe. These are available in various specifications and can be customized as per the requirements of the clients. Our comprehensive range of these products includes Plastic Agricultural Products, Agricultural Nets and Net House. These are highly demanded in domestic and international markets for their superior quality, optimum performance, excellent service and varied features.

Our product range includes Greenhouse Covering Film, Mulch Films, Pond Lining, Pic Plast, Troughs Mapal Plastics, Agricultural Nets, Anti Virus Net, Bio Net, Shade Nets, Chromatic Agricultural Net, Aluminet, Anti-Hail Net, Agriculture Net Covered Structures like Vegetable Net, Leafy Greens, Vineyards Net, Orchards Net, Bananas Net, Twine For Crop Support and Greenhouse Film Repair Tape.

Ginegar Greenhouse Film or polyfilmGet Quotation

The only reason you make the greenhouse structure is to cover it. So choose you greenhouse film carefully and choose the best. Select the film based on crop and location.
The most trusted brand in the world which is exported to more than 60 countries and is in business for more than 4 decades,Ginegar Plastic Products Limited, Israel is brought to you in India by Agriplast Tech India Pvt Ltd. Ginegar is the most sought after preferred brand of greenhouse covering in India. Ginegar is serving the India farming community for the last 25 years.

Some of the highlights of Ginegar Greenhouse films are as follows:

Greenhouse film:Super Strong,200 Micron, UV Stabilized, 5 layered, Anti-Dust, Co-extrude. Some of the popular greenhouse film types in India is :

  • Drip Lock Clear
  • Drip Lock Diffused
  • Suncover 205 N
  • Sunsaver Clear
  • Sunsave 504
  • Drip lock S Cool

The above films comes with a combination of following properties and is recommended as per crop and geographical location allowing growers to decide (after consultation with expert adviser), best match to meeting their conditions.

  • Anti-Drip property:Prevents large water drops formation on the inner surface of greenhouse cover.
  • Thermal property:increases the temperature inside the greenhouse in the cold nights.
  • UV –BlockingorAnti virus Filmsinterferes with the insect vision and reducing the viral activities.
  • Anti Sulfur:enhances the life of plastic against burning of sulfur.
  • Anti -DustProperties that reduces dust accumulation on plastic covers.
  • IR Cooling: The film which reflects the near infra red awar from the greenhouse.

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Aluminet & Thermo Reflective NetsGet Quotation
Aluminet is best shading net ever made in the world.

It is a thermo reflective net.

Its the advance version of shade net which reflects the incident solar radiation and reduces the temperature of the covered area in summer besides providing shade.

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Mulching Film Zero Transmission Premium qualityGet Quotation

Mulching Film:

Select mulch on quality and not on price. Its mandatory to use mulch along with drip irrigation.Most popular colour of mulch in India is black and white and black and silver.

From Application point of view there are two kinds of mulch:

1. Vegetable mulch – 25/30 microns

2. Papaya Mulch – 50 microns

3. Rose mulch – 80 microns.

4. Orchard mulch- 100-150 Microns

From Manufacturing point of view mulch is two types:

  • Embossed
  • Blown Mulch

Advantage of using Mulch Films:

  • Weed_Control
  • Water saving upto 70%
  • Labour saving
  • Soil Compaction Prevention
  • Non light transferring mulch creates darkness under mulch which results in better roots development right under helping in better nutrition uptake of nutrition like iron chelates
  • Salinity Reduction
  • Changing the micro-climate around the plant.
  • Attract and reject insects
  • Prevent Fertilizer Leaching and soil erosion Control
  • Prevents soil splashing on the fruits during rains.
  • Enhance colour in strawberries and Pomegranate
  • Last but not the least increase yield and income.

Specialty of our mulch:

All our mulch irrespective of thickness arenon light transmitting. You can check the quality of mulch against a light source. Keep the black side of mulch facing your eyes and place the silver/white towards the light source.A good mulch should not transfer any light.A mulch which transfers the light will have following negative effect :

  • Weed_growth,
  • increases the root zone temperature Specially during summer.
  • Interferes with the nutrient uptake.

Standard roll sizes for agriplast mulch.

1 mtrs * 400 mtrs and 800 mtrs
1.2 mtrs * 400 mtrs and 800 mtrs

Standard roll sizes for Embossed Ginegar mulch
1 mtrs * 1000 mtrs
1.2 mtrs * 1000 mtrs

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Vegetable SeedsGet Quotation
We are marketing Enza zaden seeds the world leader in the seed business from Holland.
Enza Zaden is a vegetable-breeding company. This means that we develop vegetable varieties ofmore than 30international and local crops. We produce and sell the seeds of these varieties all over the world.

Our complete range comprises some 1,200 vegetable varieties. These range from sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce to bitter gourd and bird’s eyes chillies. We make serious investments in innovation. This results in the introduction to the global market of 100 new vegetable varieties annually by our company.

Enza Zaden develops new vegetable varieties that are grown, sold and consumed all over the world. So it’s very likely that you’ll often find their tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, lettuce or other vegetables developed by them on your plate. They produce and sell the seeds of those vegetables worldwide.
The are global

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Greenhouse AccessoriesGet Quotation
We are not the cheapest but we are the best. Quality of our accessories is non negotiable.

This life of your greenhouse depends on the quality of accessories used in the greenhouse. Do contact us for the world class accessories to protect your greenhouse. All these products are introduced in Indian market by the experienced team of agriplast to address problems faced by farmers.

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Weed Mat or Ground CoverGet Quotation

Agriplast Ground Covers ( Weed mats ) are woven plastic ideally suited for

1. Ornamental nurseries
2. Vegetable nurseries
3. As a ground cover for soiless cultivation
4. As an orchard mulch in rain fed plants.
5. As a ground cover in plant propagation units.

It has many advantages :

1. Saves labour and supports cleaner agriculture.
2. Prevents weed growth by not allowing the photo active light to the ground.
3. It allows water to percolate to the ground hence no water logging in nurseries.
4. Black and white reflects more Photo active radiation back to the plant augmenting photosynthesis and production.

Its available in two types:

1. Black ,100 GSM, 5 years Guarantee against UV Degradation

2. Black and white 130 GSM, 5 years Guarantee against UV Degradation

Standard roll size is 4.2 mtrs * 100 mtrs however against special order and with time in hand we can supply from 0.5 mtrs to 5.3 mtrs

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Drip Tape & Rain HoseGet Quotation
Drip Tape is very simple and affordable solutions for small farmers.Water flows like a jet instead of drop by drop as seen in the photo.In this system there is no dripper in the tube. Instead, simple holes are made to drip water.Hence clogging problem will never come.
No blockage of simple holes. Its very suitable forabove ground installation. Rain Hose is sprinkler hose used for spray irrigation. Rain Hose is flexible hose with pattern of drip holes. These drip holes are made with nano punching technology to ensure uniform flow of water. Spray Irrigation Kit uses Rain Hose.

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Crop Shield crop coversGet Quotation

A Step Closer to organic farming. Its a great solution for open field vegetable cultivation.Crop covers are non woven light weight polypropylene covering suitable for open field vegetable cultivation. It weights 17 GSM (for summer application) and 23 GSM (for winter application). This is applied on the crop as shown in the image with the help of 4 mm GI wire hoop and it helps in stopping the entry of insects and pests physically. It has following advantages:

  • · It prevents plants from sun burn
  • · Maximizes plant growth by providing a mini-greenhouse effect
  • · Helps to retain CO2leading to higher photosynthesis
  • · Provides optimum microclimate for growth of fruits by allowing passage of air, water, moisture and sunlight
  • · Saves water by 30-40%
  • · Prevents growth of weeds
  • · Healthy and robust plant
  • · Improves fruit uniformity and quality fetching good market prices
  • · Increases yield and thus higher returns
  • · Protects from birds and animals
  • · Protects from harmful insects
  • · Provides opportunity to advance cropping season by regulating micro-climate
  • · Prolongs the harvesting period

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Fruit Shield Fruit CoverGet Quotation
Agriplast fruit shield fruit covers are special UV Stabilised non woven polypropylene covers. This is used on banana, dates,pomegranate, grapes,Papaya, guava and mangoes. It can be used as a row crop cover in grapes and pomegranate. It can be used to cover one single tree or one bunch of banana or dates or each individual fruits like in pomegranate.

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Tubex Tree GuardGet Quotation

Agriplast has introduced Tubex tree guards from Tubex in India. Tubex designs and produces. Tubex tree shelters protect plants from browsing animals and offers solutions in Landscaping, Forestry, Fruit and Viticulture sectors. Products include tree shelters, shrub shelters, plastic mesh tree guards and tree wraps.

Main advantages of tree guards are:

1. Up to 60% higher survival rates

2. Taller trees, fewer side shoots and stronger roots

3. Faster initial establishment and minimum weed_competition

4. Reduced water stress

5. Balanced light spectrum & intensity,

6. Increased CO2 concentration and temperature

7. Accelerated, healthy and balanced root growth,

8. Balanced root-shoot ratio

9. Uniform growth makes pruning, training and maintenance much more easier

10. Shorter harvest period enabling faster returns

11. Reduced stress to the plant

12. Provide protection againstweeds

13. Minimize irrigation requirements through

14. increased vapor inside the shelter

15. Protects plant against herbicides, animals, mechanical damage and wind

16. Lowers labor costs: Reduced pruning, less training

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Insect netsGet Quotation

Insect nets are used to keep the insect outside a growing area by phisically isolating the plants.

Our insect nets are made of virgin material are guaranteed for 5 years against UV Degradation.

This is the most premium category of insect net with reasonable price.

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Shading NetsGet Quotation
When you want to provide the plant the condition which it is growing in its natural conditions. Our product is known for high quality and durability and accurate shade percentage. Contact us to know what shade net to be used for which crop.

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Soil Solarisation FilmGet Quotation

Solarization is chemical free method of sterlising soil. It is achieved by raising soil temperature by covering it with thin clear plastic upto 35 microns thickness. Silent points are as follows:

·This plastic sheet allows the sun’s radiant energy to be trapped in the soil hence it is done during the hot period of year when the soil will receive most direct sunlight.

When properly done, the top 6 inches of the soil will heat up to as high as 61 degree centigrade.

Depending on the location it controls a wide range of soil borne pests, such as weeds, pathogens, nematodes, and insects. Control of soil pests is usually best for organisms found in the upper 6 inches of earth.

·Solarization leaves no chemical residues and It can improve soil structure by increasing the availability of nitrogen and other essential nutrients for growing healthy plants, as well as controlling a range of pests.

· Soil solarization also speeds up the breakdown of organic material in the soil, often resulting in the added benefit of release of soluble nutrients such as nitrogen (N03-, NH4+), calcium (Ca++), magnesium (Mg++), potassium (K+), and fulvic acid, making them more available to plants.

·Plants often grow faster and produce both higher and better quality yields when grown in solarized soil. This can be attributed to improved disease and weed control, the increase in soluble nutrients, and relatively greater proportions of helpful soil microorganisms.

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Skirting FilmsGet Quotation
Buy Original buy genuine.

Agriplast skirting film
is a technology introduced in India by Agriplast Tech India Pvt Ltd.

This Skirting film is HDPE woven and dual side Laminated 140 GSM superstrong product on the lower periphery of greenhouse.

It is easy to stitch to the insect net on the sides of the greenhouse.

This product is guaranteed for 4 years against UV Degradation.

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Soilless Growing or Hydroponic solutionsGet Quotation
You choose soilless as an option of growing when

1. You need more control on the root zone of the plant
2. When there is any problem with the soil.

The soil does only two jobs:
1. It acts as a reservoir for nutriets and water for the root.
2. It holds and supports the root zone.

If this can be replaced by artificial or other natural media it can do the same job.

Agriplast has introduced Soilless growing solutions from Mapal Plastic, Israel. Contact us for more details.

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Post Harvest SolutionsGet Quotation
  • Harvest net for Roses
  • Bud cap for Roses
  • Many more to come

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Seedling Tray,Nursery TrayGet Quotation
Seedlings are the first step towards a good production. Root trainer trays produces a well trained root system which establishes itself in the field faster. We offer Root TrainerTrays/Nursery Tray/Disposable Trays.

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Anti Hail NetGet Quotation

Anti Hail nets prevents the plants specially in orchard from getting damaged due to unseasonable hail storm.

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Pond LinerGet Quotation
Perfect solution to store water at the farm for rain water harvesting

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Solar Guard Film PaintGet Quotation
Providing you the best range of solar guard film paint with effective & timely delivery.

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New ItemsGet Quotation
Pioneers in the industry, we offer black gem egg plant brinjal seeds from India.

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